Energy Conservation

Energy CONSERVATION Solutions

Strategies for Energy Conservation for a Sustainable Future

Audeo is dedicated to offering energy conservation solutions that enable businesses to lower their environmental impact while conserving resources for future generations. Our products and services have aided numerous sectors, including oil and gas, power generation, petrochemicals, iron and steel, construction, and others, as a global one-stop thermodynamic solutions provider for land and marine applications.

We endeavor to create solutions that assist our clients in conserving energy and resources while satisfying their business requirements. Industries collaborating with us can minimize their environmental effect, save money, and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Our GREENS Power Equipment Boilers

Our Greens Portfolio includes various products such as Marine & Offshore Boilers, Oil & Gas Fired Boilers, Biomass & Energy From Waste Boilers, and a Waste Heat Recovery System. We also offer extensive BTP (Build to Print), site services, and repair work to keep your operations running smoothly. 

Marine & Offshore Boilers

Streamlined Solutions for Marine and Offshore Boilers

Marine & Offshore Boilers

Greens efficient and reliable marine and offshore boilers are engineered to withstand harsh marine environments and provide long-lasting performance.

Oil & Gas Fired Boilers

Sustainable Oil and Gas Fired Boiler Solutions for all industries

Energy Conservation Solutions by Audeo | Cutting-Edge Technologies

Oil and gas-fired boilers are designed to provide consistent performance and reliable heat transfer while reducing emissions and energy consumption.

Biomass & Energy From Waste

Clean Energy from Biomass and Waste Materials

Energy Conservation Solutions by Audeo | Cutting-Edge Technologies

Our biomass and energy from waste boilers offer a clean and sustainable energy solution, converting waste materials into valuable energy with minimal environmental impact.

Waste Heat Recovery System

Efficient Waste Heat Recovery for Sustainable Energy

Energy Conservation Solutions by Audeo | Cutting-Edge Technologies

Waste heat recovery systems are designed to capture and reuse waste heat, reducing energy consumption and providing a sustainable energy source for industrial processes.

Engineering Design

Design Engineers analyze and tailor-make client design solutions.

computer aided design (CAD) | 3D & PDMS modelling |

Conceptual and detailed engineering design | FEED & feasibility studies | 2D/3D CAD | PDMS modelling | Project management | Technical drawing | Thermodynamic design | Module & accommodation design.