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We help Oil & Gas, Marine, Mining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing clients achieve their project and operational requirements.


We supply High Pressure Connections, Pipes, Fittings, Gaskets, Seals, Valves, Lubrication Solutions, Marine & Industrial Boilers, Waste Heat Recovery, Spares & more.


Our services include asset management and life extension consultancy, inspection, change out, maintenance, overhaul, testing and commissioning of rotating machinery and static equipment including turbomachinery, pumps and boilers and more.

Supercharge your operations with our top-grade products.

Audeo provides exceptional Lubrication, Flow Control, Well Control, and Energy Conservation solutions, optimizing processes in the Industrial, Marine, and Oil & Gas sectors. Our extensive product range ensures safety, efficiency, and peak performance for your business.

Flow Control Solutions

Regulate, manage and optimize flow process

Streamline your processes with our innovative flow control solutions designed for optimal performance.

Energy Conservation Solutions

Optimizing Energy Use for a Sustainable & Profitable Future

Maximize system efficiency and reduce emissions with our cutting-edge energy conservation technologies.

Well Control Solutions

Mastering Well Operations for Enhanced Safety & Productivity

Achieve safe and reliable well management with our industry-leading well control systems.

Lubrication Solutions

Accelerating and Maintaining Machinery Performance

Accelerate your industrial performance with Molygraph engineered lubricants or ensure peak performance with Simatec automatic lubricators.

General Hardware & PPE

Safeguarding Your Workforce with Quality Equipment & PPE

hardware tools

Ensure worker safety and productivity with our range of durable hardware and personal protective equipment.

Our services

Expert Services for Unmatched Performance

Boost efficiency with Audeo’s exceptional services, including MRO services for Boiler, Rotating Machinery & Static Equipment, Hot Induction Pipe Bending, Steel Fabrication, and Asset Management & Life Extension Consultancy. Avoid costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime.

Asset Management & Life Extension

Optimize the performance of your assets and extend their useful life.

Rotating Machinery & Static Equipment Repair & Servicing

Experienced hands and minds to ensure proper equipment maintenance and repair ensuring equipment operate efficiently in harsh conditions.

Boiler Repair & Servicing

Trust Audeo’s skilled technicians for top-notch boiler servicing, ensuring peak performance and longevity

Hot Induction Pipe Bending

We delivers accurate hot induction pipe bending for improved flow dynamics and optimal system efficiency

Steel Fabrication

Rely on Audeo’s high-quality steel fabrication for durable, long-lasting, and precisely engineered products.

Why Choose us

Real People. Real Work. Real Results.

At Audeo, our passionate experts deliver top-tier products and services, driving tangible results and unmatched satisfaction.


Working closely with Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators, Ship Owner & Drilling contractors for seamless integration.

Inclusive Work Environment

Fostering a passionate, respectful, and diverse workplace culture for outstanding results and stakeholder satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions

Customized engineering solutions to meet specific client needs and deliver exceptional value.

Innovative Approach

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to deliver advanced flow control and sealing solutions.

Proven Track Record

Years of experience and successful project delivery, establishing Audeo as a trusted industry partner.

Premium Brands

Offering Destec high-pressure connnections, Klinger & Garlock seals, and more renowned brands for top-quality solutions.


Prioritizing green technologies and energy-efficient solutions to minimize environmental impact.

Confidential & Trustworthy

Ensuring strict confidentiality and maintaining trust in every business relationship for peace of mind.

Rapid Response

Providing swift, reliable support to address client concerns and optimize their operations.

Who we are

Pioneering Process Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future.

Audeo is a Singapore-based process engineering solutions provider for the Industrial, Marine, and Oil & Gas sectors. Our mission is to empower processes, achieve performance, and provide exceptional value for our stakeholders. We offer expertise in high-pressure containment, flow & well control, lubrication, and sealing solutions, catering to the Asian and Middle East markets. We collaborate with Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators, Package Builders, Shipyards, Ship Owners, EPCs, FPSO & Drilling contractors etc to ensure targets are met successfully.

Years of Experience
Client First
Audeo stands out as a global partner for extraordinary project success.

Partner with us for innovative, reliable, and tailored solutions.

What they say about us

Discover the experiences and success stories of our valued clients, showcasing Audeo’s commitment to excellence and partnership.


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